SKE INC SETC 12.5cm Blue

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10 Interchangeable Circular Needles Pair Tips in Type A Case

Product Size US Size Product ID Screw size
2.25mm US1 06972 M1.8
2.50mm US1.5 06973 M1.8
2.75mm US2 06974 M1.8
3.00mm US2.5 06975 M1.8
3.25mm US3 06976 M1.8
3.50mm US4 06344 M2
3.75mm US5 06345 M2
4.00mm US86 56774 M2
4.50mm US7 06348 M2
5.00mm US8 06349 M2

6 cords

Cord Length Product ID Screw size
35cm(14″) 57174 M1.8
55cm(22″) 57175 M1.8
75cm(29.5″) 57176 M1.8
35cm(14″) 06502 M2
55cm(22″) 06503 M2
75cm(29.5″) 06504 M2

2 Pair-Stoppers

Screw size Product ID
M1.8 07020
M2 05862

2 Cord Joints

Screw size Product ID
M1.8 58184
M2 58590




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