A look into all the yarn brands available here at Mindful Ewe

Author: Ewe-Nice  

We put a great deal of research into chosing which yarns to stock here at Mindful Ewe and thought we would take a moment to go through all the yarn brands we are stocking. (We will go throught needles, hooks and other products in a future blog)

Firstly, it was important to create a complete collection of quality yarns for you to choose from. This meant having a variety of fibres, weights, colours and styles. We also took into account the affordability of yarn-specialty yarn can be really expensive, especially for garment quantities. We wanted to bring a collection that maintained quality but didn't blow the budget!Mindful Ewe Brands

Step one was to find our core classic range and for this we selected Bambini. These yarns were beautifully soft and availiable in 4 ply, 8 ply and 10 ply as well as a chunky option. The colours in this yarn were also stunning with bold brights, soft pastels and calming neutrals. 

Next was cotton and up stepped Circulo. While this yarn brand is not well known here in Australia, it has a massive following worldwide. Their yarns have such vibrant colours and are surprisingly economical. We are starting with just the classic 8 ply Duna and the textural look of Jeans Lite and will grow this range in the future. They also create beautiful amigurumi kits which was a real draw.

Now for some fun with colour and into the world of hand-dyed. For this we are focusing on Fiori yarns and suplimenting this range with Malabrigo where needed.

Fiori have a fantastic range of merino and merino blends which covers most projects. Their colours are really beautiful and include semi solid, speckles and varigated. These yarns are all hand dyed but on a more comercial scale than your local indi-dyer. The result is a stunning hand-dyed yarn for a more accessable price-something we are all conscious of at this time. Their colours are also repeatable and fairly consistant across dye batches.

Malabrigo yarns are also hand dyed by artisans in Peru. By using these yarns to supliment our Fiori collection, we are able to bring you some unique textures and blends not offered by any other company. 

Talking of texture brings us on to our final yarn choices-Amano Yarns and Prestige Australian Tweed. We instantly fell in love with the Australian Tweed, not only does it bring the classic look of tweed but it does so without the scratch common with other tweeds. 

Amano yarns bring the halo to our collection with luxurious alpaca fibre. We have a few different weights and blends of yarn from Amano but they all have a lovely calming colour palette to match the subtle halo the alpaca creates. Amano yarns are due into stock soon!

Hopefully this gives you some insight into our collection of yarn. If there is a yarn you would like to see us stock or you have any questions aboutour current collection, please just get in touch-we love hearing from you!


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