Stephen West MKAL 2023

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Mystery Knit-A-Longs, or MKALs, are a thrilling knitting adventure. What sets them apart from regular knitting patterns is that you receive the instructions in installments, usually spread over several weeks. Each installment reveals a new section of the pattern, creating an air of excitement and anticipation.

Stephen West has mastered the art of the MKAL, with each new one being more intriguing and captivating than the last. Knitters from around the world come together to embark on this knitting journey without knowing what the final project will look like. It's a fantastic way to challenge your skills, learn new techniques, and connect with a global knitting community.

The MKAL 2023: What We Know So Far

While the details of Stephen West's MKAL 2023 remain a closely guarded secret, there are a few hints and clues that have been shared to whet our appetites. Here's what we know:

  1. Color Play: Stephen West is renowned for his use of bold and vibrant colors. The teaser for the MKAL 2023 suggests that gradient color play will be a significant theme.

  2. Techniques Galore: Stephen West is known for incorporating various knitting techniques into his designs. From intricate lace to playful brioche, his MKALs are a great opportunity to expand your knitting repertoire. For each clue release he creates detailed instuctional videos breaking down all the techniques needed to create his spectacular design.

  3. Community Building: Part of what makes MKALs so special is the sense of community they foster. Knitters often come together on social media platforms, like Instagram and Ravelry, to share their progress, ask for help, and celebrate each other's achievements. It's a fantastic way to connect with fellow knitters from all corners of the globe.

How to Participate

Participating in Stephen West's MKAL 2023 is easy. Here are the basic steps to get started:

  1. Yarn Selection: This years MKAL requrements are for 4 skeins of 4ply/Fingering weight yarn in a gradient colour palette. Most of the colour combinations he has previewed were a fade from dark to light but you can create any gradient you wish. To confirm your palette choice, I would recommend taking a picture of your proposed colours in grey scale to confim a nice fade as colours can be deceptive, especially bold bright colours! We have a great selection of 4ply to choose from. There is Fiori Sock, Malabrigo Sock or you can also use Bambini 4ply. I probably wouldn't use the Gradient Sock as this will probably confuse the gradient effect Stephen is going to create. Malabrigo Mora is a 4ply yarn and could be used but it is quite a slippy yarn and may not be suitable for all his techniques, especially if you are not an experienced knitter. 

  2. Purchase the Pattern: You can purchase the pattern on ravelry or on Stephens website now. You will be sent an introduction pdf with details of yarn requirements and other supplies needed along with inspiration on colour palettes and swatching information. You will then be sent the first clue at the start of the MKAL in October

  3. Gather Supplies: Collect the necessary yarn, needles, and any other notions required for the project.

  4. Join the Community: Follow Stephen West on social media, join MKAL-specific groups on platforms like Ravelry, and use the designated hashtags to connect with fellow participants. We also love to see what you are working on so remember to tag us in your posts and use #mindfulewe

  5. Cast On: When the MKAL begins, cast on your stitches and start knitting along with the clues provided in each installment.


Stephen West's MKALs are more than just knitting projects; they are opportunities to dive into a world of creativity, color, and community. The MKAL 2023 promises to be another exciting journey, filled with surprises and challenges for knitters of all levels. So, grab your needles, select your favorite yarn, and get ready to unravel the mystery of Stephen West's latest masterpiece. Happy knitting!

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