How to Store Handknits to Keep Them Cozy and Fresh

Author: Ewe-Nice  

A guide on how to store your knits during the summer months

Handknits are more than just garments; they are labors of love, crafted with care and creativity. Whether you've spent hours knitting a cozy sweater, a delicate lace shawl, or a pair of warm socks, it's important to take care of them so they stay in excellent condition for years to come.

As the seasons change and the warmth of spring settles in, it's time to pack away your beloved handknits. However, proper storage is essential to ensure that your handknit treasures remain cozy, fresh, and in perfect condition until the next winter season. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the steps to store your handknits for winter so that they'll be ready to keep you snug and stylish when the the summer heat fades.

  1. Clean and Freshen Up:

Before storing your handknits, it's crucial to ensure they are clean and fresh. Even if they look clean, lingering odors or oils from your skin can attract moths or other pests. Follow these steps:

a. Handwash your handknits with a gentle detergent suitable for the fiber type (wool, cotton, etc.).

b. Rinse thoroughly, ensuring all detergent is removed.

c. Gently squeeze out excess water – do not wring or twist. I often roll them in a towel and stand on it to take as much water out as possible

d. Lay flat on a clean towel, reshape them to their original dimensions, and let them air dry.

e. Once dry, fold or roll them carefully to avoid creases.

  1. Storage Location Matters:

Choose a cool, dark, and dry place to store your handknits. Avoid areas prone to humidity, direct sunlight, or extreme temperature fluctuations. Wardrobes, under-bed storage boxes, and drawers are excellent options. It's also a good idea to use lavender sachets or cedar blocks to keep pests at bay.

  1. Use Proper Storage Containers:

Select storage containers wisely. Clear plastic bins with lids work well, as they provide a barrier against dust and pests while allowing you to see what's inside. Avoid airtight containers, as they can trap moisture. It is also important to not over fill your container as this can apply unwanted compression to your knits and cause them to distort or form longterm creases that are difficult to remove.

  1. Fold, Don't Hang:

Hanging handknits can stretch them out of shape. Instead, fold your handknits neatly before placing them in storage containers. If you have delicate items, place acid-free tissue paper between the folds to prevent any sticking or color transfer.

  1. Mothproofing:

Moths are notorious for targeting natural fibers like wool. To protect your handknits, use moth repellent solutions like cedarwood blocks or lavender sachets. 

       6.Regular Check-Ins:

Don't forget about your stored handknits during the winter season. Periodically inspect them for any signs of damage or pests, and reapply moth repellents if needed.This is also a great oppertunity to rotate your items. Simply take them out, refold them, and put them back in storage. This helps distribute the weight and ensures that no single piece is under constant pressure.

       7.Don't Forget Your Accessories

Scarves, hats, and mittens should be cleaned and stored ready for next year. Use small storage containers or fabric bags to keep them organized and easy to find when you need them.


Properly storing your handknits is a simple yet effective way to ensure they remain cozy, fresh, and ready to keep you warm year after year. With a little care and attention, your handknits will be in perfect condition when you're ready to bundle up and embrace the winter chill. So, take the time to follow these steps, and you'll enjoy the warmth and comfort of your handknits for years to come. 


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